About Andreea Tina


Founder of Pro Bodystyling and Pro Fitness athlete, Andreea Tina is one of London’s most sought after coaches.

Being renowned as a physique model, strength & conditioning coach and fat loss specialist, she has trained some of the most demanding and successful professionals in the world. Andreea is famous for her tough and challenging workouts that simply gain great results in a short amount of time.

“Andreea has done a superb job helping me deliver my goals. I wanted to slim down and build strength. Little tweaks in my diet and new work out routines has had a massive impact in 8 weeks.“

Peter Smith, CEO Cineflix

Born in Romania, Andreea trained as a gymnast in her early years and later developed an interest in other sports such as tennis, volleyball and some outdoor sports such as rock climbing. When she was around the age of 20 she discovered her passion for fitness, which has been her calling ever since.

After moving to London, and graduating with a Masters degree, Andreea continued to nurture her interest in the fitness industry by training and studying intensely, attending as many courses as she could and discovering that she had all the attributes to compete and be successful as a WBFF Pro.

Andreea was unrelenting in her pursuit to learn the latest advances in physical training, diet and sports psychology. It was also at this time she also started to train clients in some of the most prestigious gyms in London, where she quickly developed a no-nonsense reputation of achieving incredible results for her clients quickly and effectively.

“My first encounter with Andreea was after a close friend of mine encouraged me to try one of her sessions. I arrived at the gym only to find my friend panting and near-collapse from exhaustion post workout. I began to wonder what on earth I got myself into!!! I am so glad I made the decision to train with Andreea. I’ve seen how hard work in the gym pays off!

 Not only has Andreea helped me to shed my body fat through specific training catered to my requirements but she has also helped me improve my diet and pick the right supplements to improve my general health.”

Dr. Lilani Abeywickrama

Building strong foundations from the ground up is a key aspect of Andreea’s teaching philosophy. Many clients have started seeing Andreea due to chronic injuries that have affected their quality of life. Due to Andreea’s profound knowledge of the human anatomy and biomechanics she can develop tailored fitness regimes that both rehabilitate and give noticeably enviable results too.

“When I first met Andreea I had just been signed off by the doctor’s from an Achilles tendon rupture that saw me on crutches for over 5 months. Within 8 weeks of training with Andreea, and despite having literally no strength in my left leg initially, my appearance had changed drastically.  

We worked closely together both on the rehabilitation of my left leg but also on full body hypertrophy, taking into account my body imbalances due to the Achilles tendon rupture.

The results have been amazing.

Many people that see me training now do not know how low I started and how much we’ve achieved and this is all down to Andreea”

Kevin Allen – Director, Havivah Limited

Another aspect of Andreea’s philosophy that makes her unique is her appreciation of the symbiotic relationship between sports training, psychology and diet to maximize results. Andreea promotes clinical testing of all her new clients so that she can develop a bespoke diet plan for each individual.

“The diet plans and general eating advice from Pro Bodystyling was second to none. The clinical tests I undertook as part of my training package revealed that after 20 years I was actually highly intolerant to milk. After removing milk and lactose from my diet my overall health improved in a very short space of time. A chronic skin condition disappeared in a few weeks.”

Kevin Allen – Director, Havivah Limited

Andreea is an experienced Poliquin coach (PICP 1&2, Biosignature Modulation), has studied Precision Nutrition, Sports Massage and many other fitness courses to stay abreast of the latest and most beneficial training methods. Andreea is also currently studying for a qualification in the Institute of Functional Medicine. Her coaching methods take a holistic approach to training to ensure that the best training regime is used to suit a client’s aims, current fitness levels and body composition.

Her teaching style motivates her clients to reach beyond what they ever thought was possible. Nothing is ever left to chance as Andreea gives all clients 100%.

“Having played sports my entire life, admittedly, I was mildly skeptical when I first engaged Andreea as my trainer. It had nothing to do with her relatively petite build, but personally, I had never appreciated the importance of adhering to a professionally planned fitness regime. Nonetheless, having trained with Andreea for just about a month, she had me very impressed – not just with her work ethic, but her relentless and uncompromising attitude to push you beyond your limits.

It is evident that Andreea takes extreme pride in her work and on this note, she expects equal if not more dedication and effort from her students. Without hesitation, regardless of your fitness goal, if you are serious about it, Andreea is your ‘woman’

Dr. Melvin Chua, Dept of Cancer Institute, UCL Cancer Institute, London

Anyone who has ever trained with Andreea will tell you that it is never easy but the results speak for themselves. Many of her clients have achieved results that are life changing.

“Those who work with me want something special. They want something bespoke to their needs and they want enviable results fast. 

In order to be successful you must develop a connection between your body, mind and spirit. Understand that in order to achieve anything you will require faith, belief in yourself, hard work, consistency and dedication.

Give me your all determination and trust. In return I will give you the results you crave, making you stronger, fitter and healthier. “

Andreea Tina

There are various ways, depending on your fitness aims and budget you can train with Andreea, all of which will exceed your expectations and kickstart a healthier you today:

  • An incredible continuously updated client area containing well structured workout and meal plans, training videos, eBooks, photos and advice that will give you the tools and confidence that the way you are training and what you are eating will give you effective results.
  • Bespoke online coaching packages for people who require an individually tailored package with personal support from Andreea Tina to suit their unique fitness and lifestyle goals.
  • Health retreats to the Algarve and Brazil to kickstart your metabolism, performance, weightloss and eating habits in the shortest possible time.

If you’d like to learn more about how Andreea Tina can help you today, or you’d like to meet for a no risk health consultation to discuss your goals please get in touch: