Successful Team-Building for Your Company

Even though 36% of younger employees according to a recent study prefer to work alone, more than 95% of those who have ever been part of a team believe it serves an essential function in the workplace. Despite teams being an essential part of the success that most organizations enjoy, the stress and constant conflict associated with working in a team pushes some employees to prefer working alone.

Over the years, companies have invested in team-building programs to help their employees overcome the challenges of being part of a team. However, it is possible to gain even more by emphasizing wellness and health during team building workshops. Using this approach, employees can enjoy the vast benefits of teambuilding which include;


Improved concentration

One of the benefits of a successful team building is improved concentration. Exercising during the workshop improves circulation of blood and reduce stress allowing the employees to have better focus. Certain foods like vegetables, fish, and avocados have been found to boost concentration consequently improving productivity and allowing for tasks to be completed faster and more comprehensively.

Reduce Conflict

According to a study done by Gallup, 14% of workers would love to punch their colleagues. Stress and difference have been the most significant contributors to conflict in the workplace. By practicing mindfulness in the workplace, employees can avoid conflict, foster collaboration and most of the exercises in team building also help to build trust and a close bond among colleagues for a better and a friendlier working environment.

Improved well-being

While the team building workshop will only run for a short while, the benefits of actively taking part in the different exercises and healthy diets form an excellent basis that you can use to improve your lifestyle and well-being both at work and at home. Exercise will help you relieve stress while mindfulness can help you improve your mental health.

If taken with the seriousness it deserves, team building can have tremendous benefits for both the organization and the employees. Even though the program might only run for a limited period, it can be a basis to help you improve your overall life by adopting and incorporating the different workouts, diets and mindfulness habits into your daily life. By focusing on team building as a wellness and health program, companies can benefit from the long lasting benefits and also a healthier team of employees.

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