Six Easy Steps to Use Self-Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Know how to use the power of hypnosis to rewire your subconscious and lose weight

You are frustrated for not fitting into your last year’s clothes. Jumping to bigger sizes is making you tensed. You no more find yourself looking in the mirror because you are afraid.

You have skipped a few social functions lately and are trying your best to isolate yourself.

At a conscious level, you are aware of all the reasons why you should lose weight. You really wish to get rid of all the extra chubbiness and get back in shape. You have tested every miracle pill, tried every fancy diet plan, and exercised tirelessly in the gym, but failed.

As a result, you are now hopeless, discouraged, and depressed.

Consciously, you are motivated to start eating healthy and exercise regularly, but deep inside, there lies a powerful force that compels you to put off all healthy behaviours every time.
Have you wondered why?

Well, this is because your subconscious mind is protecting you from “losing” anything. This may seem like a new idea to you, but it is very true.

Your subconscious is determined to protect you from losing your hope, your way, your sleep, your money, and your time. What’s frustrating is that your subconscious mind will go to any length just to keep you from losing weight too.

This default lies deep in your conscious mind and no matter how strong your conscious efforts are, it keeps meddling in your weight loss goal.

So, is that it? Will you never be able to lose weight?

Of course, not.

“Your subconscious is naturally programmed to protect you from losing your hope, your way, your sleep, your money, and even your body weight”

Self-hypnosis for weight loss might be a new concept for you but it is in use for some time now. By using this process, you re-program your subconscious mind to permit your body to release the extra pounds.

As a result, your brain adjusts your metabolic rate, appetite, and the physical energy via neuro-hormones, just to accelerate weight loss. [1] [2]
Using self-hypnosis for weight loss can help you change the way you look at exercise, food, and even at your own self. You tend to start behaving as a slim person, and it comes all naturally.
So, forget about agonizing over calories and forcing yourself to the gym. Follow these six simple steps to use self-hypnosis for weight loss now.

Step 1

Find time in your day when you are not distracted by any external factors. Set aside at least half an hour to immerse yourself in a trance. It is extremely important to remain focused during this period of time.

Step 2

Set a weight loss target for yourself. Target an exact amount of weight you wish to lose and the specific time period for it. Remember to read this goal aloud before beginning.

Step 3

Start visualizing yourself as the size you desire to achieve. Imagine how your body will look like once you have attained your ideal weight. Think about what others will say about your changed looks. Try to visualize the entire scene as vividly as possible, with rich colours, sounds, smells, and feelings.

Step 4

Shut your eyes and try relaxing your body until it loosens. Observe deep breathing for about three minutes until you feel a sensation moving from your skull all the way to your feet. Once the sensation is felt, try relaxing that part of the body. This will help you get into a trance state.

Step 5

Now, visualize your ideal self in a state of trance. Think about your perspective regarding the world, how others will react, and how good you will feel to be in a great shape. Observe your body in its trim state.

Step 6

Gradually return to your present state. Ensure that you bring the feelings of internal experience with you on your way back. Repeat it every day to train your mind about how good it will be to get rid of the weight. Soon, you will find yourself making behavioural modifications necessary to lose fat.

Do not fear that self-hypnosis might make you do things you don’t intend to. It cannot. In fact, it will help you reach your weight loss goals. Remember that it is you who is the in charge all the time.

Good luck!