Medication or Meditation? Be Mindful

Meditation or medication? Many of us have asked ourselves this question, especially since the popularity of meditation has been on the rise.







Today our health is at risk more than ever, as we are surrounded with toxins and when even the air we breathe is contaminated. Thus, it is only natural to search for a solution that doesn’t involve additional chemicals and side effects.


There are many alternatives to traditional medicine, including exercise and healthier diet. And although the benefits of those methods are unquestionable, there is another solution that you should consider incorporating in your life: meditation.


Meditation could be simply explained as mind training, that with regular practice helps us redirect our thoughts. While its benefits for our spiritual growth have been known for thousands of years, science has also proved its positive effect our health.


According to recent research, meditation can reduce mental health issues, including stress, anxiety, depression and memory loss. It improves our ability to focus and lengthens our attention span. Several studies also established that regular meditation can help more than half of the population struggling with insomnia, as well as assists those rehabilitating from addiction.






The benefits of meditation can be found in our physical health as well. For instance, one study discovered that meditation can help its practitioners to control pain, which is especially beneficial for those struggling with chronic pain. Another study included 993 elderly volunteers, who reported that their blood pressure decreased substantially after they meditated. Thus, meditation is commonly recommended as an additional treatment for those with a high risk of heart attack.


You might wonder why meditation isn’t used even more in medicine, given the fact that it can help with an extensive list of conditions. The most probable reason is that there are still many stigmas around it, as many believe meditation is somehow connected with Eastern religion. The only way we can break those myths, is to practice meditation ourselves, and promote it to those we most care about. Although its path to become globally available as a treatment is still in its beginning stage, each of us can help this cause by incorporating meditation in our everyday lives.




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