Instant Ways to Brew Oolong Tea for Weight Loss

Intrigued by the weight loss properties of Oolong tea? Dive headfirst into this article to know how to brew this incredible beverage.

Is your self-confidence completely shattered over the repeated failed attempts of losing weight? Wish to lose pounds but cannot give up on food? Don’t panic; I would not ask you to do that. Ever!

What I suggest you is to add Oolong tea in your daily diet. With this traditional Chinese beverage, weight loss is guaranteed. Scientists have found that this Oolong tea for weight loss works, even for people consuming a high-fat diet. [1]

What is Oolong Tea?

Oolong tea also called Wu-long tea, comes from a plant named Camellia Sinensis. It is quite popular for aiding in weight loss and speeding up the metabolic processes. Oolong tea is also known for other benefits such as improving skin health, bone health, and mental health.

The process of making Oolong tea is different hence, its overall properties tend to differ from those of green tea or black tea. To prepare a cup of oolong tea, the plant is withered under strong sunlight and is exposed to partial oxidation before curling and twisting.

How Does Oolong Tea Promote Weight Loss?

The usefulness of Oolong tea for weight loss all depend on its composition. It is rich in several useful compounds which trigger weight loss through different mechanisms.

“Oolong tea increases energy expenditure and inhibits absorptive processes to accelerate weight loss”

There are two different ways to decrease food-related body weight: increasing the expenditure of energy and inhibiting the absorption of fats, carbohydrates, and other nutrients.

Oolong tea utilizes both of these processes to make you shed pounds.

The antioxidants present in oolong tea boost your metabolism rate by ten percent, forcing your body to burn more calories. In addition to burning fat, these antioxidants also improve your immune system.

Caffeine present in the composition of Oolong tea is also known to burn fat.

Another important property of Oolong tea is its ability to reduce overall cravings by maintaining blood glucose levels. The polymerized phenols present in this tea boost your metabolic rate and promote weight loss. These phenols also reduce the fat absorption and lower the cholesterol levels by activation of lipase enzyme. [2]

If that’s not all, Oolong tea promotes digestion and kills harmful bacteria, contributing to the overall health of the digestive system. Because of its alkaline nature, Oolong tea heals ulcers and other acidic conditions as a bonus.

Oolong tea itself is free of calories and is an extremely healthy beverage to consume every day.

How to Prepare Oolong Tea for Weight Loss

There are several ways to instantly prepare Oolong tea for weight loss. Some of them have been explained below:

  1. Tea Bags
  • Take one cup of hot water and dip the Oolong tea teabag in it.
  • Use a saucer to cover it and let the solution steep for 3 minutes.
  • Take out the tea bag and enjoy your tea
  1. Tea Leaves (Without Infuser)
  • Mix one teaspoon of oolong tea leaves (in powdered form) in one cup of hot water.
  • Allow it to steep for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Strain the solution and cool it slightly before drinking it.
  1. Tea Leaves (With Infuser)
  • Heat a cup of water to 190 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Pour the water into a cup.
  • Put 1-2 teaspoons of oolong tea leaves in a tea infuser for every cup of tea.
  • Place the cup inside it and allow it to steep for up to 6 minutes.
  1. Green Tea
  • Take one cup of hot water and add both green tea and Oolong powder in it.
  • Let the solution steep for 5 minutes.
  • Strain it and drink it slowly.

How Often should your Drink Oolong Tea?

Oolong tea has to be taken twice every day to observe any effects on your overall body weight. But it is important not to overdose your body.

Since Oolong tea has a good amount of caffeine, overconsumption of this beverage may cause mild to serious side effects including dizziness, diarrhoea, vomiting, sleep disorders, nervousness, headache, upset stomach, and more.

Oolong tea is also rich in fluorides which may cause skeletal fluorosis. So, stick to two cups of oolong tea per day to lose weight without encountering any side effects.