8 Tips to Get Rid of the Baby Weight for Good

“Are you a new mommy who is too afraid to look at herself in the mirror? Get rid of the unwanted baby weight with these simple tips today.”

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While pregnancy gives you the best gift of your life, your little one, it also gives you something you may not approve; the dreadful pregnancy weight.

While working out, eating healthy, and sleeping enough are obvious ways to lose weight, shedding pregnancy weight may require a more careful planning. It gets tougher when you have to lose weight while taking care of a newborn.

Don’t lose hope though. Weight loss is still possible. All you need is the right plan.

It is natural that you want to get rid of the pregnancy weight, make sure to do it the right way. Instead of opting for crash diets, which harms breastfeeding and leads to health complications, it is better to adopt more natural ways.

Mommies, take note!

Following are some natural tips to lose pregnancy weight without putting yourself through any rough days.

Eat Regularly

You would probably wish to cut down on your eating to accelerate weight loss. Unfortunately, this won’t help. All it is going to do is to add to your weight.

As a new mom, you obviously don’t want your stress levels to rise. So whatever you do, don’t starve!

Eat Smaller Portions

Instead of stuffing your body with three huge meals in a day, spread it out. Reduce your portion size and start eating six meals a day.

Eat Healthily

As a new mom, your body requires a lot of nutrition to revive its healthiest self and to also produce sufficient milk for the baby. So eat foods with high nutritive values. Prefer sticking for foods high in calcium, omega-3 fatty acids, and fiber.

Stock up on salmon, tuna, sardines, eggs, chicken, lean meat, yogurt, beans, and whole grain foods. Avoid processed foods that are high in calories.

Drink Lots of Water

Make sure to drink at least eight to ten glasses of water daily. Why? Because it helps flush out all the toxins and reduces inflammation.

Drinking water prevents dehydration and gives your metabolism a heavy boost and consequently, a better chance at losing weight. You can also add other types of beverages to your diets such as soups, smoothies, fresh juices, and milkshakes.

Source: http://tudatosegeszseg.hu/fogyni-szeretnek-de-hogyan-sikeres-fogyas-titkai/

Get Proper Sleep

You would probably be using matchsticks to keep your eyes propped open. There is nothing like a newborn in the house to make sure no one gets any sleep. But is extremely important to carve out some sleeping time, even if it requires you to go to bed early, napping when the baby finally doses or taking turns with your spouse for looking after the baby.

“Mothers who sleep five hours or less per night are likely to hold onto their baby weight” [1]

Studies suggest that not sleeping enough makes it less likely for new mothers to lose weight. Yikes!

So make sure you get some time off for yourself and get a sound sleep.

Train with your Baby

So what if you don’t have time to hit the gym? You don’t need to lift those heavy dumbbells. Allow your little one to assist you in your weight loss journey.

Hold onto your baby firmly and close to your chest. Once you are in position, do a few lunges every day. Make sure to confirm it with your doctor, though.

“Women who work out after having a baby are less likely to gain weight in the long run” [2]

Another great way is to lie on your back and hold your baby up and down.

Use a Belly Wrap

Post-partum abdominal wraps are widely used across the world for decades. Some obstetricians still recommend the new mommies to wear one for a better postural and abdominal support.

There is also a theory that a gentle compression exerted by these wraps help the uterus come back to its normal size and flattens the stomach more quickly.

So if nothing else works out for you, why not give it a try?

Do not Go Ham on the Cardio

A lot of women fall in the trap of doing cardio day and night just to lose the baby weight. Cardio is actually not as critical a component as one might tell you.

Doing a 20-minute session three or four times a week, that too after three months of delivery, is plenty. The rest of your exercise time must be used to rebuild the strength, especially the core strength that seems to take a major hit during delivery.

Now that you know about some extremely easy and all-natural ways to shed the baby weight, why not give them a chance?

If it’s been months and you are doing all the right things without any weight loss, do not be afraid to contact a doctor.