Fitness, Weight Loss and Positive Health Retreat

Visit Portugal to experience, in partnership with Algarve Fitness, an individually tailored, luxury retreat that will give you the knowledge and an incredible training program to achieve your fitness goals, fast.

All Inclusive Price:

Shared: £1,299/week

Single: £1,999/week

“Those who work with me want something special. They want something bespoke to their needs and they want enviable results fast. 

Give me your all determination and trust. In return I will give you the results you crave, making you stronger, fitter and healthier. “

Andreea Tina

During the 7-day luxury retreat you will enjoy:

  • 2 intense training sessions per day with world-renowned fitness coach Andreea Tina
  • Daily Restorative yoga practice and stretching
  • Healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner each day prepared to match your specific fitness, weightloss and health goals.
  • All supplements and shakes as required
  • All airport transfers
  • Private gym for course members
  • A daily educational program led by Andreea Tina to comprehensively explain the key methods to effective weightloss, fitness performance, nutrition and ultimately a healthier you.
  • A customized training plan to take home with you
  • Sports massage, 1:1 personal training or nutritional coaching (on request)

Before You Arrive

Your transformation starts before you arrive in the Algarve. By completing a comprehensive health, fitness and lifestyle assessment prior to arrival you will help us to identify any potential health issues and allow us to optimize your bespoke exercise and diet plan for your stay.

All the physical sessions are designed to be invigorating, intense and challenging, irrespective of your current fitness level. Although we will push you hard, there is free time each afternoon and evening for you to relax and enjoy everything that the Algarve has to offer.

During each retreat there will be one ‘rest day’ where there will be a reduced training program to allow your body to recover. During your free time we are happy to arrange other activities such as surfing sessions, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, or a trip to the famous Lole market, so that you can relax, discover and enjoy this vibrant corner of the Mediterranean.

For those that want to enjoy the evenings, or have a more cost effective holiday, we provide an option for our guests to buy or prepare their evening meal themselves. With a barbeque and fully fitted kitchen within each apartment cooking your own meal in accordance with your bespoke diet plan is easy.

Most of all we want you to have fun and a great holiday!

Continued Development

We guarantee you will notice measurable results in your physical condition throughout the retreat and that you’ll continue to notice improvements in the weeks after you leave as your body adapts to the work you’ve put it through.

One of our main goals is to give you the tools, information and inspiration to continue to see improvements to your health and fitness once you leave the retreat. We will give you recipes, meal plans and a pack of information to take home with you after the retreat so that you can integrate what you have learned into your everyday life.

Also, optional post-retreat support consultations are offered 4 and 8 weeks after you return to ensure long-lasting results.

“Whilst on the journey of finding the right balance in your life, you will find yourself”

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About Andreea Tina

Founder of Pro Bodystyling and Pro Fitness athlete, Andreea Tina is one of London’s most sought after coaches. Being renowned as a physique model, strength & conditioning coach and fat loss specialist, she has trained some of the most demanding and successful professionals in the world. Andreea is famous for her tough and challenging workouts that simply gain great results in a short amount of time.


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“Andreea has done a superb job helping me deliver my goals. I wanted to slim down and build strength. Little tweaks in my diet and new work out routines has had a massive impact in 8 weeks.“

Peter Smith, CEO Cineflix

Not only has Andreea helped me to shed my body fat through specific training catered to my requirements but she has also helped me improve my diet and pick the right supplements to improve my general health.”

Dr. Lilani Abeywickrama

Many people that see me training now do not know how low I started and how much we’ve achieved and this is all down to Andreea”

Kevin Allen, Director, Havivah Limited


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