Pro Bodystyling was created with an aim to give anyone with a desire and determination to improve their fitness, health and physique an opportunity to achieve their goals in the most effective way. By reading this page we hope that you will gain an insight as to why Pro Bodystyling is unique.

“Desire is the key to motivation, but it’s determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal – a commitment to excellence – that will enable you to attain the success you seek.”

Mario Andretti


Pro Bodystyling’s mission is to give the effective tools to educate, inspire and encourage our clients to become fitter, healthier and essentially to grow out of their comfort zone into something that they never thought was possible.

In order to do this we work closely with all of our clients to inspire and give them the tools understand the all important core values of living a healthy lifestyle that is continuous lifelong process, not a diet fad that will run out of steam in a short time.

Pro Bodystyling was formed by the world-renowned strength & conditioning and fat loss specialist Andreea Tina. Andreea has competed internationally and knows exactly what is required to be successful, achieving enviable results at the highest level.

“Pro Bodystyling has been fantastic. Andreea is an exceptional trainer with extensive knowledge and strong motivational skills. Only work with her if you’re prepared to work hard, and are serious about getting results. I could not recommend her more highly.

CR, private investor

Building strong foundations from the ground up at Pro Bodystyling is a key aspect of our ethos.

“I have had four operations on my back and two on my knee. I also have problems with my neck and elbow. Despite all this, Andreea designed a programme for me that left me feeling shattered every week but strengthened all the right muscles to protect my weak spots. We work hard every week and I have to put in the effort away from class to get the most out of all the sessions. Andreea also takes a holistic approach to fitness concentrating on food intake as well as the exercise.”



At Pro Bodystyling we have an incredible amount of experience in all matters of fitness from strength and conditioning, fitness, bodybuilding to effective weightloss. We are unique because we are at the cutting edge of understanding the symbiotic relationship between sports training, psychology and diet to maximize results. We understand that every person is unique and our programmes are tailored to suit.

Since we believe whole heartedly that an effective diet maximizes your results, Pro Bodystyling often recommends that new online and personal training clients undertake our clinical testing services so that we can ensure that any individually tailored diet plan is perfectly suited to your needs. We have experience working with some of the best clinics and doctors throughout the world, working with you to define and hone a diet plan that eliminates allergens and improves your digestion whilst maximizing your results and making you feel healthier too.

“The diet plans and general eating advice from Pro Bodystyling was second to none. The clinical tests I undertook as part of my training package revealed that after 20 years I was actually highly intolerant to milk. After removing milk and lactose from my diet my overall health improved in a very short space of time. A chronic skin condition disappeared in a few weeks. This was all down to Pro Bodystyling”

Kevin Allen – Director HAVIVAH LIMITED

We are confident, that by joining Pro Bodystyling you will have all of the tools, information, advice and support to achieve your goals. Depending on your aims and budget Pro Body Styling has a package to exceed your expectations and kickstart a healthier you today:

  • An incredible continuously updated client area containing well-structured workout and meal plans, training videos, eBooks, photos and advice that will give you the tools and confidence that the way you are training and what you are eating will give you effective results.
  • Bespoke online coaching packages for people who require an individually tailored package with personal support from Andreea Tina to suit their unique fitness and lifestyle goals.
  • Health retreats in the Algarve and Brazil to kickstart your metabolism, performance, weightloss and eating habits in the shortest possible time.
  • Individual 1:1 Personal Training programmes with Andreea.

What sets us apart is that we understand that in order to really reach the level ‘Of a Fitness Pro’ you need to understand the reciprocal relationship between your training regime, your diet and your psychology. By looking at all of these aspects in parallel we can build a fitter, healthier and stronger you.

“A winning formula to develop a lean and strong physique is one that addresses the intrinsic connection between a person’s mind, body and spirit. By becoming part of Pro Bodystyling you can positively change yourself today.

We’ll do everything we can to ensure that you achieve your fitness goals as well as maintaining your happiness, confidence and health.”

Andreea Tina

If you’d like to learn more about how Andreea Tina and Pro Bodystyling can help you today, or you’d like to meet for a no risk health consultation so we can discuss your goals please get in touch.

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About Andreea Tina

Founder of Pro Bodystyling and Pro Fitness athlete, Andreea Tina is one of London’s most sought after coaches. Being renowned as a physique model, strength & conditioning coach and fat loss specialist, she has trained some of the most demanding and successful professionals in the world. Andreea is famous for her tough and challenging workouts that simply gain great results in a short amount of time.


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“Andreea has done a superb job helping me deliver my goals. I wanted to slim down and build strength. Little tweaks in my diet and new work out routines has had a massive impact in 8 weeks.“

Peter Smith, CEO Cineflix

Not only has Andreea helped me to shed my body fat through specific training catered to my requirements but she has also helped me improve my diet and pick the right supplements to improve my general health.”

Dr. Lilani Abeywickrama

Many people that see me training now do not know how low I started and how much we’ve achieved and this is all down to Andreea”

Kevin Allen, Director, Havivah Limited


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